Minggu, 03 April 2011

cewek seksi bispak

Singapore has been working hard to attract more visitors to the island for the past few years. With the recent additions of many tourists' attractions, it seems to be working correctly. Compared to the previous year, Singapore has welcomed more than twenty per cent increase in number of visitors to the island, and the growth does not seem to be slowing down. So what has attracted more visitors to Singapore recently?
Singapore Flyer has been touted to be one of the largest Ferris Wheel in the world, was one to the first "grand scale" addition to Singapore's skyline. It has attracted many to hop on to the ride on which you can see kilometers away on a clear day. This was added to the now-famous durian-styled Esplanade, which has hosted many top acts from all over the world.


The addition of Resort World Sentosa, owned by the Malaysia's Genting Group, which incorporates several themed hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel, and within its park the introduction of Universal Studios has boosted tourist arrivals to the Sentosa Island. Resort World Sentosa also offers shows in its resort, attracting art lovers to the location. More recently, the resort-casino was joined by the Marina Bay Sands, which incorporates a mammoth skypark together with its over 2,500 rooms hotel and large convention facilities, on top of its large casino. Marina Bay Sands is owned and operated by The Las Vegas Sands group. Both the resort-casinos have been pulling in large number of visitors to the island, those who wants to try their luck, or those who simply wants to enjoy the facilities offered.


The skyline of the Marina Bay area has been further enhanced with the addition of The Helix, the world's first double helix curved bridge which was recently opened at the Marina Bay area. Despite its infancy, the bridge has already been billed as one of the world's most amazing bridges due to the architectural and engineering which went into the building of this bridge.


The surge in the visitors from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Australia and Britain has also contributed to the high demand of hotel rooms in Singapore. The hotel room rates have hit a high compared to just 3 - 5 years ago. This is despite the fact that the hotel industry as has welcomed many new players into the market, on top of current players adding hotel rooms to their portfolios. In fact, despite the higher hotel room rates you expect to pay today, visitors from South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia has hit double digits growth, undeterred by the more expensive Singapore hotel rooms.

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